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12th International HOV Systems Conference: Improving Mobility and Accessibility with Managed Lanes, Pricing, and BRT

Conference Proceedings


Melissa Williams, Maryland Transportation Authority, Presiding

The First Step: Utah Statewide Managed Lanes Study

Jon Nepstad, Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc.

Jon Nepstad described the managed lanes study sponsored by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). He summarized the need for the study, the study objectives, scope, and elements. He described the methodology used to screen candidate corridors and the current status of the study. He noted the assistance of John Thomas from UDOT in the project and the presentation.

Strategic Implementation Plan for the Atlanta Region

Carol Carter, Santec, Tommy Crochet, McGee Partners, and Joe Palladi, Georgia Department of Transportation

Joe Palladi, Carol Carter, and Tommy Crochet provided an overview of the HOV system implementation process in the Atlanta region. They described the implementation process, the HOV project prioritization process, and the HOV project implementation status. They also discussed HOV conceptual design issues and highlighted elements of the HOV monitoring plan and the arterial HOV guidelines.

Recent Research on Managed Lanes: A Report from Texas

Beverly Kuhn, Texas Transportation Institute

Beverly Kuhn described a multi-year research project on managed lanes sponsored by TxDOT. She summarized the managed lanes definitions used in the study, the major tasks conducted, and available reports.

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