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12th International HOV Systems Conference: Improving Mobility and Accessibility with Managed Lanes, Pricing, and BRT

Conference Proceedings


Edward Mark, New York State Department of Transportation, Presiding

I-95 HOV System-Wide Operations Study

Jeff Weidner, Florida Department of Transportation and Gregory Kyle, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Jeff Weidner and Greg Kyle discussed the I-95 HOV lanes in southern Florida and recent efforts focusing on improving operations. They provided an overview of the I-95 HOV system-wide operations study, the current operating characteristics of the lanes, the strategies identified for enhancing operations, and the action plan for the improvements.

High-Occupancy Vehicles Hours of Operation Pilot Project

Mark Hallenbeck, Washington State Transportation Center

Mark Hallenbeck discussed the HOV hours of operation pilot project in the Puget Sound Region. He described the background to the pilot program and the key elements of the one-year evaluation sponsored by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Safety Considerations in the Development of HOV Facilities and Managed Lanes in Houston

Suhag Kansera and Ned Levine, Houston-Galveston Area Council

Suhag Kansera and Ned Levine discussed a recent study examining crash data for the Houston HOV lane. They discussed the purpose of the study, the data sources used, the preliminary results, and the areas for further research.

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