Facilitating Integrated ITS Deployment Program

DMS Procurement Workshop

2 Days from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

To Request the Workshop:
Contact: Emiliano Lopez
Phone: 202-366-2199
Email: Emiliano.Lopez@dot.gov


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Purpose of Workshop

This two-day workshop will discuss the nuts and bolts of a successful dynamic message sign (DMS) procurement. Participants will learn to develop methods for incorporating NTCIP standards into their DMS specifications.

Workshop Topics

  • The benefits of using NTCIP standards in DMS deployments
  • Identifying/understanding risks associated with writing poor specifications
  • How to write high-quality and comprehensive specifications that reference NTCIP standards
  • Understanding NTCIP procurement tools including the Procurement Guide, NTCIP Standards, and the Specification Checklist

Workshop Objectives

The workshop is designed to give participants practical, ready-to-use information on a full range of topics related to the procurement of standards-based DMS systems. After completing the workshops, participants will be able to:

  • Procure a working DMS system
  • Identify and manage risks associated with various procurement contract types
  • Develop NTCIP-compliant DMS procurement specifications
  • Address post-procurement issues
  • Learn how to obtain technical assistance

Target Audience

This workshop is designed for public and private sector professionals responsible for specifying/procuring ITS-related equipment and services. Transportation/ITS engineers, project managers, technical team members (specification writers), consultants and contractors, and operators will all benefit from the workshop. Participants should have a general knowledge of the National ITS Architecture, experience with public sector deployment (ideally ITS), and some introduction to NTCIP standards and specification development. Any level of professional involved in ITS may attend to broaden their understanding of specifying/procuring ITS-related equipment and services.

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