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Freight Facts and Figures 2013

Figure 3-14. Major Truck Routes on the National Highway System: 2011

Selected routes carry a significant concentration of trucks, either as an absolute number or as a percentage of the traffic stream. Nearly 14,530 miles of the NHS carry more than 8,500 trucks per day on sections where at least every fourth vehicle is a truck. With each truck carrying an average of 16 tons of cargo, 8,500 trucks per day haul approximately 50 million tons per year.

Figure 3-14

Figure 3-14. U.S. map showing high volume, high percentage of truck routes between California cities, from Texas to Pennsylvania, and from southern Michigan to northern Florida; high volume, low percentage of truck routes in Southern California, the Bay Area, Chicago, Texas, and I-95 from Richmond to Boston; and low volume, high percentage of truck routes throughout the Great Plains, and the Far West.

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AADTT is average annual daily truck traffic and includes all freight-hauling and other trucks with six or more tires. AADT is average annual daily traffic and includes all motor vehicles. NHS mileage as of 2011, prior to MAP-21 system expansion.


U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Freight Management and Operations, Freight Analysis Framework, version 3.4, 2013.


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