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Freight Facts and Figures 2008

Figure 1-1.  Economic and Population Projections: 2006-2016

Demand for freight transportation grows with increases in population and economic activity.  The U.S. economy, as measured by GDP, is projected to increase by 39 percent and the U.S population by 8 percent by 2016.  Transportation and warehousing employment is expected to increase by 11 percent over this period, about the same as employment as a whole.  These projections are based on long-term trends, and may be lowered given recent disruptions to the economy.

Figure 1-1. Bar chart. Data is described in text above and table below.

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Data represented in the figure.

Table in Excel format

Blank cell. 2006 2016 Percent change
Population (thousands) 299,801 325,063 8
Transportation and warehousing employment (thousands) 4,466 4,962 11
Total Employment (thousands) 150,620 166,220 10
Gross domestic product (GDP) ($2006 billions) 13,262 17,633 33


Population: Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2008 (Washington, DC: 2007), available at as of May 8, 2008.

Employment: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment by Major Industry Division, 1996, 2006, and projected 2016, available at as of May 8, 2008.

GDP: Congressional Budget Office, The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2007 to 2016, available at as of May 8, 2008.



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