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Review of Environmental Factors Affecting Intermodal Freight Transportation Facility Development and Expansion

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January 2001

U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration
Office of Freight Management and Operations

Table of Contents

empty cell List of Acronyms
empty cell Executive Summary
Section 1.0 Introduction
empty cell Definitions
empty cell Environmental Considerations in Planning Intermodal Facilities
empty cell Environmental Issues as an Opportunity to Advance Intermodal Projects
empty cell Environmental Impacts as a Potential Source of Delay and/or an Obstacle
empty cell Structure of the Report
Section 2.0 Methodology
empty cell Project Selection
empty cell Initial Project Evaluation and Investigation
empty cell Implementation of Case Studies
empty cell Preparation of Case Study Summaries
Section 3.0 Evaluation
empty cell Overview
empty cell Summary of Selected Projects
empty cell Environmental Issues
empty cell Level of Success in the Environmental Review Process
Section 4.0 Conclusions and Recommendations
empty cell Conclusions
empty cell Recommendations
Appendix A Intermodal Projects Considered for Development as Case Studies
empty cell Part I – Projects Advanced as Case Studies
empty cell Part II – Projects Strongly Considered But Not Advanced as Case Studies
empty cell Part III – Projects Initially Considered, But Not Advanced as Worthy of Consideration as Case Studies
Appendix B Intermodal Facility Descriptive Matrix
Appendix C Selection and Evaluation Criteria
empty cell Phase One Selection Criteria
empty cell Initial Screening Questions for Projects
Appendix D Interview Questions for Selected Projects
Appendix E Selected Intermodal Projects

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