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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of Study

This Working Paper #2 Report is part of the "Public Policy Impacts on Freight Productivity" study for FHWA. The purpose of the study is to synthesize existing research efforts and informing decision-makers of the nature and magnitude of public policy influence on freight productivity. Working Paper #1 developed a framework and typology to allow the results of the study to be presented within a comprehensive functional classification. Working Paper #2 provided an annotated bibliography and a discussion while this final report adds more records the bibliography and provides an analysis of the findings. A computer database on disk and a user's manual accompany this report to allow users an easy access to various studies at the national, regional, sectoral, and industry levels.

1.2 Purpose of this Report

The purpose of this report is to provide an annotated bibliography of the literature profile synthesizing existing research efforts that investigate public policy impacts on productivity. The annotated bibliography serves as a basis for the computer database. Each citation in the database is classified in relation to the functional classification developed in Working Paper #1.

1.3 Plan of the Report

This report is presented in three chapters. Following this introductory chapter, Chapter 2 provides answers, emerging from the literature review, to questions about public policy impacts on productivity. Chapter 2 also introduces the format of the annotated bibliography and Chapter 3 concludes this report by providing a summary of findings.

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