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The AASHTO/FHWA Freight Transportation Partnership III Meeting

Building for the Future

September 2010

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Key Conference Findings and Outcomes

Opening Remarks

Panel Discussions

Work Group Sessions

Implementing Multi-jurisdictional Decision Making

Key Points from Discussion

Freight Performance Measures

Funding and Financing Freight Transportation Projects

Projects Successfully Funded (and How)

Projects Unsuccessfully Funded

Round Table Discussions

The Regional Setting

Field Trips

Reauthorization Discussion

Recommendations and Requests

Appendix A: Work Group Sessions Summaries

Appendix B: AASHTO-FHWA Freight Partnership III Meeting Participant Feedback

Appendix C: Agenda

List of Tables

Table 1. Recommendations and Requests Identified During the Freight Partnership III Meeting

Table 2: Introduction and Welcome Key Points

Table 3: Multi-Jurisdictional Decision Making: I-70 Corridor Panel Key Points

Table 4: Freight Performance Measures Panel Key Points

Table 5: Funding and Financing Freight Transportation Panel Key Points

Table 6: Barriers to Coordination and Implementation

Table 7: Maximizing Safety by Improving the Safety of the Freight Transportation System

Table 8: Ensuring an Efficient Freight Transportation Network

Table 9: Improving Operations of the Existing Freight Transportation System by Ensuring Travel Time Reliability

Table 10: Improving Operations of Existing System through Maintenance and Preservation

Table 11: Better Management of Environmental Impacts of Freight Transportation

Table 12: Key Points on Reauthorization

Table 13. Recommendations & Requests Identified During the Freight Partnership III Meeting

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