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AASHTO/FHWA Freight Transportation Partnership Meetings

The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) co-host bi-annual meetings of the Freight Transportation Partnership. These meetings bring together freight and transportation officials from State Departments of Transportation, FHWA division offices, USDOT Headquarters, the private sector, and metropolitan planning organizations for targeted discussions on enhancing freight transportation throughout the nation.

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Freight Partnership III

The Freight Partnership III meeting was held March 10–13, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Freight Partnership III meeting was held to build upon the outcomes of the first two Freight Partnership conferences by generating insights that will help organizations succeed in implementing multi-jurisdictional decision making in their regions or corridors, discussing development of freight performance measures so that agencies can track progress towards meaningful goals, and identifying successfully-funded freight projects and funding needs/opportunities to advance potential freight projects.

  • The AASHTO/FHWA Freight Transportation Partnership III Meeting — Building for the Future [HTML, PDF 100KB]

Freight Partnership II

The Freight Partnership II meeting was held February 14–16, 2007 in Natchez, Mississippi, with the purpose of developing an understanding of the institutional and organizational changes needed to establish permanent freight capacity within organizations; identifying successes in building freight champions; developing an understanding of modal and private sector issues; identifying successes in moving from planning to project implementation; developing strategies and tactics to pursue the National Freight Policy; and identifying Freight Professional Development topical needs and preferred delivery mechanisms.

Freight Partnership I

The Freight Partnership I meeting was held April 26–27, 2005 in Columbus, Ohio. The goal of the conference was to define a position description framework for a State-Level Freight Coordinator(s) through the identification of the roles and responsibilities of a State-Level Freight Transportation Coordinator; the skill sets required for the Freight Transportation Coordinator position; and the organizational and institutional issues that need to be addressed to better advance freight transportation projects more effectively.

  • Synthesis of Findings from the AASHTO/FHWA Survey, Web Casts, and Conference [HTML, PDF 229KB]
  • Position Description for a State-Level Freight Coordinator [HTML, DOC 59KB]

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