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MANAGED LANES: A Cross-Cutting Study

Chapter Six. Conclusions

The managed lane concept seeks to address the issue of growing congestion in a proactive manner. Agencies are using a variety of management techniques to manage demand. This document has provided information from operating projects around the country in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of the managed lane concept.

The case studies researched for this report are using pricing, vehicle eligibility and access control to manage demand. Each of these operating strategies presented unique opportunities and challenges for the project sponsors. This research provides a synthesis of the operating projects and identifies issues agencies faced during project development and implementation. This research serves as a foundation to assist agencies that are considering implementation of lane management strategies, and project planners may build on this information as more complex projects are developed.

The study has highlighted successful practices in operation today. However, there are still many emerging issues and research needs. These issues should be explored so that specific tools, techniques and strategies can be developed that will insure successful implementation of future managed lane projects.

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