Photos of cars on freeway, speeding sign

Freeway Management and Operations Handbook

Description of Figure 13-1: Sources and Uses of Traveler Information

An infrastructure of traveler information sources is represented by drawings of storm clouds (weather information), bridges, roadways, traffic on freeways (traffic flow), traffic signals, road work, a police car (emergency vehicles), a helicopter (aerial traffic reports), a bus (public transportation), and a question mark (traveler help). Arrows point these information sources to a drawing of main frame computers (central processing).

An arrow leads from the drawing of computers to a drawing of microwave dishes on a building, representing information dissemination. Arrows lead from the microwave dishes to a number of devices, represented by drawings of a car steering wheel, person driving a car, video transmitter, radio, personal digital assistant, cell phone, person sitting at a computer (Internet), and a question mark (traveler help).