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FY 2021 Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment (ATCMTD) Project Awards


ATCMTD FY21 Applicant States

Applicants by State


Proactive Route Operations to Avert Congestion in Traffic (PROACT) Alabama
Alabama Department of Transportation
Award: $5,000,000

An End-to-End Decision Support System for Integrated Smart Electric Grid and Transportation System Management
Chattanooga, City of
Award: $4,577,721

Chicago Centralized Transit Signal Priority Project
Chicago, City of
Award $3,990,000

Great Plains Rural Freight Technology Corridor Project
Kansas Department of Transportation
Award: $6,679,072

Kentucky’s Wrong Way Driving and Integrated Safety Technology
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Award: $5,147,300

Port of Los Angeles Gateway
Los Angeles, Port of
Award: $3,000,000

EZConnect - An Open and Cloud-based Mobility Center Providing One-Stop Access for Travel Needs of Underserved Customers
Award: $1,493,313

Electric Vehicle User Range Anxiety Solution for Rural North Dakota
North Dakota Department of Transportation
Award: $1,449,000

Smart and Connected Atlantic City Expressway
South Jersey Transportation Authority
Award: $8,748,763

Washington State Ferries Terminal Wait Times Traveler Information System
Washington State Department of Transportation
Award: $5,122,345

ATCMTD FY21 Applicant States

Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment (ATCMTD) Applicants 2020 Map - 35 Applications from 22 States.  States identified in text below.
Source: FHWA

Applicants by State

Alabama (1)

  • Alabama DOT

Arizona (1)

  • Flagstaff, City of

California (6)

  • Caltrans (x2)
  • Los Angeles, Port of
  • Maricopa County DOT
  • Orange County Transportation Authority
  • Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)
  • University of California, Los Angeles

Connecticut (1)

  • Connecticut DOT

Florida (2)

  • Florida DOT
  • Hillsborough, County of

Illinois (3)

  • Chicago, City of
  • Illinois DOT
  • University of Illinois

Kansas (1)

  • Kansas DOT

Kentucky (1)

  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Maryland (1)

  • University of Maryland – College Park

Massachusetts (1)

  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

Michigan (1)

  • Michigan DOT

Minnesota (1)

  • Minnesota DOT

Nevada (1)

  • Las Vegas, City of

New Jersey (4)

  • Delaware River Port Authority
  • Jersey City, City of
  • Newark, City of
  • South Jersey Transportation Authority

New York (1)

  • New York, City of

North Dakota (1)

  • North Dakota DOT

Ohio (1)

  • NEORide

Oregon (1)

  • Oregon DOT

Pennsylvania (2)

  • Pennsylvania DOT (x2)

Tennessee (1)

  • Chattanooga, City of

Texas (2)

  • Fort Worth, City of
  • Texas DOT

Washington (1)

  • Washington State DOT