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West Central Alabama ACTION: Advanced Connected Transportation Infrastructure & Operations Network

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Table of Contents

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Vision, Objectives, and Goals
No Value The University of Alabama
No Value Alabama Department of Transportation
No Value Tuscaloosa County Road Improvement Commission
No Value Tuscaloosa Department of Transportation
Geographic Area: West Central Alabama
Real World Issues
No Value Issue: Safety and Crashes
No Value Issue: Traffic Incident Management
No Value Issue: Special Event Traffic
No Value Issue: Construction Projects
Transportation System and Services to be Included
Deployment Plan
No Value High Level Description of Deployment Plan
No Value Traffic Signal Upgrades
No Value Dedicated Short-Range Communications
No Value Data Integration
No Value Optimization Algorithms and Long-Term Monitoring
No Value Connected Vehicle App
No Value Joint ALDOT/UA Regional Traffic Management Center
No Value Schedule
No Value Key Task Summaries
Quantifiable System Improvements
No Value Safety
No Value Mobility
No Value Environmental
Partnership Plan
No Value Organizations
Advisory Board
Existing Technology Investments Leveraged and Synergies with DOT ITS
No Value Supporting State Infrastructure Investments
Staffing Plan
No Value Key Personnel
No Value Roles and Responsibilities
No Value Primary Point of Contact
Appendix 1 - Resumes of Key Staff
Appendix 2 - First Page of UA/ALDOT Signal Deployment & TMC Agreements
Appendix 3 - Existing & Proposed Deployment Locations Overlaid on 2016 CMV Injury & Fatality Hotspots
Office of Operations