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Description of Figure 6. State of Kansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form, Part 2

This figure shows an example of a standard accident investigation form used by law enforcement officers in Kansas. This figure is the second part of a two-part form.

The form shows the following field to be filled in "Officer's opinion of apparent contributing circumstances."

The form provides the following fields, allowing officers to rate the conditions under which an accident occurred. Conditions are to be rated using two-digit codes that are defined next to each field. Fields include light, weather, traffic controls, accident class, accident location, collision with other vehicle, fixed object type, surface type, surface condition, road character, construction/maintenance zone, accident location, road special features, vehicle maneuver before crash, vehicle damage, damage location area (diagrams to mark for vehicles 1 and 2), vehicle body type, pedestrian location before impact, pedestrian action, pedestrian obedience to traffic signal, driver's license comply, restriction comply, substance use, and driver/pedestrian impairment test.

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