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The VPPP has helped States and regions explore and initiate pricing projects that have successfully managed congestion on State and regional facilities. These projects have played a central role in introducing transportation professionals, political leaders and citizens to pricing as a tool to address congestion problems and to manage the transportation system more effectively. The VPPP (along with the UPA and CRD projects) has provided technical assistance, outreach, and research with respect to both tolling and non-tolling programs and projects.

In order to further develop, advance, and enhance the tolling and pricing strategies and emerging trends that have progressed thus far as part of the VPPP, FHWA will continue to equip State and local agencies with resources and guidance to help understand and implement congestion pricing strategies. The outcomes, lessons learned, and success stories from the VPPP are often shared through these activities. These real world examples enable target audiences to understand that congestion pricing strategies can be successfully implemented in all different types of regions.

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