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Appendix A: VPPP Projects Funded Since 2008

2008 Caltrans/San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency CA SFPark Urban Partnership $10,000,000
2008 MNDOT MN MN Innovative Choices for Congestion Relief UPA $5,000,000
2008 WSDOT/King county/Puget Sound WA Seattle/Lake Washington corridor Tolling and Transit UPA $10,000,000
2009 Caltrans/Valley Transportation Authority CA Implement roadway pricing on SR 237 Express Connectors $3,200,000
2009 Twin Cities Area MN Feasibility study on pricing innovative lane additions on Trunk Highway 77 $540,000
2009 Twin Cities Area MN Pre-implementation study of priced managed lane on I-94 $400,000
2009 Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Authority NY Pre-implementation of study of GPS-based truck pricing system $717,000
2009 Puget Sound/Seattle Area WA Express Lanes system concept study $1,280,000
2010 Caltrans / Santa Clara County CA Strategies to manage traffic and parking $2,358,000
2010 Caltrans / City of Berkeley CA Strategies to manage on-street parking and reduce congestion from circling vehicles. $1,800,000
2010 Caltrans / Santa Barbara County CA Testing of carpooling system that uses participation incentives. $158,400
2010 Florida DOT FL Initiative for a regional priced managed lane network that can serve as a model for other regions. $900,000
2010 Tampa-Hillsboro Expressway Authority FL Advancement of first regional network of bus toll lanes in the Tampa area. $800,000
2010 NCDOT and Charlotte MPO NC Advancement of first regional network of priced lanes in the Charlotte area $400,000
2010 MnDOT MN Expansion of project to test incentive alternatives to monthly parking passes and discourage daily driving. $24,800
2010 Texas DOT TX Usage-based insurance pricing and additional incentives for efficient travel choices. $1,948,000
2010 Virginia DOT and Washington Council of Governments VA Public Acceptability of Road Use Pricing $320,000
2010 Washington DOT and King County WA Implementation of incentives as alternatives to parking $1,024,000
2011 Caltrans/SCAG CA Express Travel Choices $1,080,000
2011 Caltrans/MTC CA Priced Electric-assist Bicycle Sharing in San Francisco $1,054,221
2011 Caltrans/SFCTA CA Parking Pricing and Regulations Study in San Francisco $480,000
2011 Connecticut DOT CT I-84 Viaduct, Hartford, CT $644,000
2011 Connecticut DOT CT I-95 Corridor Full Facility Pricing: New York to New Haven CT $1,120,000
2011 Florida DOT/Florida Transportation Enterprise FL Integrated Congestion Pricing Plan $600,000
2011 Illinois State Toll Highway Authority IL Integrate and Finance Transit w/ Priced Managed Lanes $528,840
2011 Massachusetts MA Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance in Massachusetts $2,144,000
2011 Oregon OR Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing in Portland, Oregon $1,725,000
2011 Texas TX Integrating Transit Related Pricing Incentives in Support of Managed Lanes $160,000
2011 Texas/NCTCOG TX Influencing Travel Behavior and Considering Environmental Justice $588,301
2011 Texas/CTRMA TX 183A Turnpike Pilot Downstream Impacts $1,220,424
2011 Virginia VA Dynamic Ridesharing with Financial Incentives in Northern VA $447,200
2011 Washington WA Parking Pricing for Delivery trucks in Seattle $446,000
2012 Caltrans/SFCTA  CA Treasure Island Mobility Management study $480,000
2012 Caltrans/Contra Costa Transportation Authority CA Contra Costa I-80 tolled-corridor real-time ridesharing $322,400
2012 Caltrans/San Diego Association of Governments CA San Diego pricing incentives for one-way electric car sharing $440,653
2012 Caltrans/SFMTC CA San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission Regional Parking Pricing Analysis Tool $560,000
2012 Caltrans/SFMTA CA Parking Pricing Enhancement Study in San Francisco $420,000
2012 Caltrans/VTA CA SR 237 Express Lanes Extension in San Jose $1,600,000
2012 Caltrans/LADOT CA Performance parking system implementation in Los Angeles $600,272
2012 DDOT DC Multimodal, dynamic parking pricing in downtown Washington, DC $1,090,000
2012 FDOT/FTE FL Integrated Congestion Pricing Planning--Phase Three $400,000
2012 FDOT/MetroPlan Orlando FL Regional Congestion Pricing Study in Orlando $350,000
2012 IDOT IL Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Pilot Project $715,118
2012 MassDOT MA Kendall Square Employer Transportation Benefit Pricing Trail $743,872
2012 MNDOT MN I-35E MnPass Managed Lane Extension Study $605,000
2012 NYDOT NY DriveSmart New York City $1,000,000
2012 NYDOT NY ParkSmart New York City $950,000
2012 TXDOT/CTRMA TX Austin-area real-time carpooling automated toll discounts $764,008
2012 WSDOT/King County WA King County Park-and-Ride Pricing in Multi-Family Developments $543,900
2012 WSDOT WA Express Toll lanes Continuous Access Demonstration $520,000
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