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photos of traffic merging onto congested highway, congestion in snowstorm, variable message sign, cargo, variable speed limit sign in a work zone, and a freeway at night
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Traffic Bottlenecks

Combating Bottlenecks


Restripe to change from a 3+1 lane configuration to a 2+2 configuration (with the center lane becoming an option either way.)

Bottleneck Project: I-84 EB at Exit 7 (NB). Mainline I-84 EB in advance of Exit 7 consists of three lanes, with the left-most lane exiting and the center and right lanes continuing. The one lane exit experiences backups further up the ramp. The existing pavement width on Route 7 in vicinity of the ramp gore is adequate for two travel lanes. Due to the traffic patterns on the exit ramp, it is desirable to revise the lane arrangement to allow the center lane on I-84 to become a left/thru option. In short, the single, left-lane only exit will change to allow the center lane to opt to exit to the left or stay on the mainline. This will be accommodated by signing and striping revisions and some pavement modification.