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Case Study

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A highway sign indicating Route 183

Location – Austin, Texas - NB US 183, from MOPAC to Great Hills Trail

Problem – Three lanes squeeze down to two

Solution – Re-stripe to reclaim "missing lane"

In November 2009, TxDOT restriped the outside lane of NB US 183 and extended beyond the Braker Lane exit.

The restriping did NOT affect the direct-connect ramp from the Missouri and Pacific freeway (MOPAC) to US 183. "The footprint of US 183 (remains) the same, but the new striping allows more cars to flow through, and eases evening congestion.

Cost – $55,000 and "a few night's work"

Lesson Learned – "If it was this easy and the cheap, what took you so long?" – Citizen comment

At least that was the tone of comments received since the project was completed in November, 2009.

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