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Access Management Publications & Resources


Front cover of the Benefits of Access Management brochure.
  • 2020: Curbside Inventory Report
  • AM Principles Presentation (HTML, PPT 1.9MB)
  • Access Management Overview 1997 (video) - is available on CD by contacting Neil Spiller.
  • Tri-fold brochure "Benefits of Access Management" (HTML, PDF 813KB) - A layman's introduction to Access Management (AM) principles. Excellent for handing out at public meetings or introducing the purpose of AM. Small quantities available free by request, or you may wish want to download this, reproduce it, and then hand it out at a public meeting, or use it as educational material. Note: this product dates to 2003 but the principles therein remain timely. Contact Neil Spiller.
  • Policy - Additional Interchanges to the Interstate System (HTML, DOC 39KB)
  • Guidance - Interstate System Access Informational Guide (August 2010) (PDF 1.1MB)
  • 2007 Compendium of Access Management tools.
  • "Access Management, Location, and Design" 3-day classroom course for agencies. Contact National Highway Institute.
  • "Safe Access is Good for Business" is a CD and brochure compendium targeted at business concerns. Contact Neil Spiller.
  • "Safe Access is Good for Business" Brochure (Primer) - The purpose of this document is to assuage business owner's fears that a change in access (e.g., removal or relocation of a driveway(s), restriction in turning movements, etc.) as the result of an adjacent roadway improvement project is not "the" wholly determinant influence on the continuing success of that business.

Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on Access Management (AHB70)

The Resources section of the TRB committee web site provides much information including "The 10 Principles of Access Management", an interactive graphic, and the 2006 CD-Rom Library, which contains a wealth of access management documents and resources. National conference proceedings dating from 1993 are included, as well as the leading handbooks and papers from around the country.

2007 Access Management CD Version Cover

The 2007 version contains the proceedings from the 7th National Access Management Conference (Park City, UT, August 2006) as well as ALL the prior proceedings from the 1993, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004 conferences, plus a dozen NCHRP Syntheses reports pertaining to AM, plus the FHWA video "Safe Access is Good for Business", plus the Utah DOT video "Benefits of Raised Medians".

Access Management Manual, Transportation Research Board 2014

Cover to TRB manual 2019

This Manual provides technical information on access management techniques, together with information on how access management programs can be effectively developed and administered.

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Publications

The publications listed below can be found at

Synthesis of Highway Practices

  • Access Management on Crossroads in the Vicinity of Interchanges, SYH 332
  • Land Development Regulations that Support Access Management, SYH 233
  • Driveway Regulation Practices, SYH 304
  • Circular 456, Driveway and Street Intersection Spacing


  • NCHRP Report 304, Driveway Regulation Practices
  • NCHRP Report 337, Cooperative Agreements for Corridor Management
  • NCHRP Report 348, Access Management Guidelines for Activity Centers
  • NCHRP Report 351, Access Rights: A Synthesis of Highway Practice
  • NCHRP Report 395, Capacity and Operational Effect of Midblock LT's
  • NCHRP Report 420, Impacts of Access Management Techniques
  • NCHRP Report 524, Safety of U-Turns at Unsignalized Median Openings
  • NCHRP Report 548, A Guidebook for Including Access Management in Transportation

Note: Many of the above titles are inclusively contained in the Access Management CD Library.