Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

Traffic Analysis Tools Volume IX: Work Zone Modeling and Simulation
A Guide for Analysts

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Traffic Analysis Tools Volume IX:
Work Zone Modeling and Simulation—A Guide for Analysts

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March 2009
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Matthew Hardy
Karl Wunderlich, Ph.D

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600 Maryland Ave, SW
Suite 755E
Washington, DC 20024

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Federal Highway Administration
Office of Operations
Room E86-205
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

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This document is the second volume in the FHWA Traffic Analysis Toolbox: Work Zone Analysis series. Whereas the first volume provides guidance to decision-makers at agencies and jurisdictions considering the role of analytical tools in work zone planning and management, this volume provides specific guidance to the analyst, researcher, or manager in charge of conducting a specific work zone analysis project or who has been charged with developing an overall work zone modeling program or approach. This volume includes numerous case study examples, discussion and analysis designed to provide the prospective work zone analyst with information pertaining to the selection of a transportation modeling approach (including the identification of opportunities for use, managing technical risk and examples) as well as specific project applications (including constructability, scheduling and transportation management plan design and evaluation). This document serves as Volume IX in the FHWA Traffic Analysis Toolbox.

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Work Zones, Modeling, Simulation, Traffic Analysis

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No restriction.  This document is available to the public from the sponsoring agency at the website

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