Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

I. Training Course Overview

The Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule (Rule) was published on September 9, 2004 in the Federal Register. All State and local governments that receive Federal-Aid funding were required to comply with the provisions of the Rule no later than October 12, 2007. The Rule updated and broadened the former regulation 23 CFR 630, Subpart J. Changes to the regulation encourages broader consideration of safety and mobility impacts of work zones across project development and implementation of strategies that help manage these impacts during project delivery.

The Rule requires State Departments of Transportation (DOT) to develop a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) for all Federal-aid projects. For projects that are considered to be significant, the TMP must include a Temporary Traffic Control Plan (TTC) and must address both Traffic Operations (TO) and Public Information and Outreach (PI&O) components for those projects.

This training course will assist participants in developing an effective and complete TMP including but not limited to; the content of the TMP, roles and responsibilities, work zone impacts assessment, selecting strategies, TMP monitoring, and assessing TMP effectiveness. The web based training course includes:

  1. Participant Workbook—the participant workbook contains the course outline and slides for each module.
  2. Course with Narration—the training is modular with voiceover narration for guided/independent learning.

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