Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

A. How to Use the Guide

This document is intended to provide assistance to transportation agencies in developing transportation management plans (TMPs) for their road projects. A TMP lays out a set of strategies for managing the work zone impacts of a project and is required by the Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule. Because work zone objectives, needs, and issues vary from project to project, the scope, content, and detail in a TMP will also vary from project to project. It is ultimately up to the agency to establish and implement TMPs that best serve the mobility and safety needs of the motoring public, construction workers, businesses, and the community. To assist transportation agencies in developing TMPs, this document provides example templates and samples for two different levels of impacts:

  • Template 1 and Sample 1—Projects with minor-to-moderate level of impacts.
  • Template 2 and Sample 2—Projects with moderate-to-major level of impacts.

Depending on the level of expected impacts of an upcoming project, transportation agencies can use either Template 1 or Template 2 as a guide to develop their own TMPs. For each template, a sample TMP is included that was developed based on information provided by the State/agency where the project is located. These templates and samples are intended only as resources to transportation agencies and are not the only possible/acceptable format for a TMP.

Agency process to determine impact level

*Footnotes in the samples are intended to provide additional information for users. Real TMPs may not include such information.

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