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E3-5: Internal Traffic Control Plans for Work Zones


An Internal Traffic Control Plan (ITCP) is a tool that project managers can use to coordinate and control the movement of construction workers, vehicles, and equipment in the activity area. The activity area is the section of the highway where the work activity takes place and is comprised of the work space, traffic space, and the buffer space. ITCPs intend to promote the safety of roadway construction personnel at a road work site by assessing and providing countermeasures for the various hazards within the work zone. Such countermeasures can include signing internal to the activity area; specific protocols for construction vehicle ingress/egress or movement of traffic within the activity area; designation of areas prohibited to workers on foot; and provisions to ensure communication between parties operating within the activity area. ITCPs are typically developed by contractors and should be part of the projectís safety plan. It should be prepared after the contract is awarded but prior to the start of construction.


The primary motive for the adoption of an ITCP is to reduce and prevent work zone related injuries and fatalities.


The main benefit of the ITCP is increased worker safety due to better management of worker-equipment interactions in the activity area. Important secondary benefits include enhancing a contractorís ability to communicate protocols for safe movements in the activity area during pre-construction and project safety meetings as well as the possible optimization of efficiency in the activity area. Use of the ITCP in daily safety meetings is necessary to make all project personnel aware of how to perform their jobs safely.


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