Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program
Photo collage: temporary lane closure, road marking installation, cone with mounted warning light, and drum separated work zones.
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Contract Start or Duration

Practice Title Category Subcategory State
Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling to Set Contract Time  Project Development/Design   Design and Scheduling Decisions  Oklahoma
Alternative Contracting Practices  Contracting and Bidding Procedures   Contracting Techniques  Florida
Pre−Qualifying Contractors  Contracting and Bidding Procedures   Contractor Qualifications  Ohio
Flexible Start Times  Contracting and Bidding Procedures   Flexible Timing  Florida
Narrow Window for On−Site Construction  Contracting and Bidding Procedures   Flexible Timing  Oregon
Delay Damage Specification for Failure to Remove Lane Closures  Construction/Maintenance Materials, Methods, Practices, and Specifications   Traffic Control  California
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