Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

FHWA Office of Operations Peer Exchange Workshop
Work Zone ITS

Peer Exchange Purpose

The purpose of this peer exchange was to bring together representatives from State Departments of Transportation, FHWA, academia, and vendors to discuss work zone ITS challenges, barriers, and deployment successes. The peer exchange included presentations and discussion sessions.

Goals of the Workshop

  1. Share information on successful ITS deployments for work zone applications
  2. Baseline the state-of-the-practice for work zone ITS by bringing together practitioners with varying experience levels
  3. Share experiences and ideas in the form of case study presentations
Agenda Topic Speakers
Workshop Summary (HTML, PDF 243 KB) Empty Cell
Overview of Work Zone ITS (HTML, PDF 5.3 MB) Tracy Scriba, FHWA
ITS Warrants and IWZ Research Project (HTML, PDF 2.1 MB) Tina Roelofs, Enterprise Pooled Fund
Work Zone ITS- "North Carolina's Experience" (HTML, PDF 6.7 MB) Steve Kite, NCDOT
Case Study #1 – Construction Traveler Information System for I–35 Widening in Central Texas (HTML, PDF 2.1 MB) Jerry Ullman, TTI
How Do I Get What I Need? Work Zone ITS and 23 CFR 940 (HTML, PDF 0.9 MB) Karen Gilbertson, FHWA Kansas
Getting What I Need – Contractual Challenges of Successful Smart Workzones (HTML, PDF 1.3 MB) Jon Jackels, MnDOT
Work Zone Data - Making ITS Data Work For You (HTML, PDF 101 KB) Joe Jeffrey, Road Tech
Case Study #2 – Travel Time for Rural Construction Work Zones (HTML, PDF 4.2 MB) Jon Jackels, MnDOT
New Technologies and System for Work Zone ITS (HTML, PDF 2.9 MB) WD Baldwin, ATSSA ITS Council
Case Study #3 – Kansas I-35 Smart Work Zone (HTML, PDF 3.9 MB) Kristi Pyle, KDOT

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