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CA4PRS Peer Exchange Workshop

The Federal Highway Administration sponsored a peer exchange workshop in St. Louis, Missouri from September 22-23, 2010 to discuss the current state-of-the-practice in the use of the Construction Analysis for Pavement Rehabilitation Strategies (CA4PRS) software tool.

Workshop Purpose

The purpose of the peer exchange workshop was to bring together representatives of State Departments of Transportation, representing a broad range of both experienced and inexperienced users of the software, to discuss benefits, common issues, and resolution to challenges to further implementation.

Goals of the Workshop

  1. Technology transfer and advancing the use of technologies such as CA4PRS
  2. Understand the role of analysis tools in planning for construction and rehabilitation projects
  3. Gather input from practitioners on common challenges and lessons learned in use of CA4PRS
  4. Promote training opportunities for the software
  5. Share experiences and ideas in the form of case study presentations
  6. Share ideas for how to improve the CA4PRS tool

Workshop Materials

  • Agenda (HTML, PDF 25KB)
  • Summary (HTML, PDF 35KB)
  • Presentations
    • CA4PRS Peer-Exchange Workshop (HTML, PDF 2.2MB)
    • I-5 Stockton Project/I-680 Walnut Creek Project (HTML, PDF 1.1MB)
    • I-15 Ontario (HTML, PDF 1.8MB)
    • CA4PRS Use in Washington State (HTML, PDF 2.9MB)
    • CA4PRS: Training On-Demand (HTML, PDF 4MB)
    • I-15 Anderson Junction to Black Ridge (HTML, PDF 3MB)
    • CA4PRS Application for Determination of Incentive/Disincentive Dollar Amount (HTML, PDF 592KB)
    • Feasibility Study on Implementation of CA4PRS in Oklahoma (HTML, PDF 1MB)


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