Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program


The results of the 2008 WZ SA show continued progress Nationally toward implementation of the work zone best practices identified in the WZ SA. The 2008 WZ SA National average score of 9.4 represents a 5 percent increase over the 2007 National average. This increase was experienced across the country and is based on increases in 43 of 52 agencies (83%). This increase continues a steady trend over the six years the WZ SA has been conducted.

The practices asked about in the WZ SA questions are consistent with the work zone management principles promoted by the Work Zone Rule. This is particularly evident in that the compliance date for the Work Zone Rule fell between the 2007 WZ SA and the 2008 WZ SA, and between the 2007 and 2008 assessments the greatest increases in scores came for questions with clear ties to Work Zone Rule requirements. The supplemental questions for the 2008 WZ SA covered five overarching aspects of the Rule that were not already addressed in the WZ SA questions, and the responses to these five questions also showed that the Rule has generally lead to some change/advancement in work zone management practices.

In addition to the quantitative results, this report shares specific examples cited by various agencies in written comments they submitted to support their numeric ratings. FHWA encourages agencies to consider implementing some of these good practices from other agencies to enhance their own practices. As a means of sharing these good examples further, FHWA will also review these examples for possible inclusion in the Work Zone Best Practices Guidebook or as part of Work Zone Rule implementation case studies or website examples.

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