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Best Practices for Road Weather Management Version 2.0


Assessment of Opportunities for Enhanced Cooperation in Acquiring and Disseminating Weather Data Among Selected Virginia Government Agencies


Accurate and timely information regarding impending weather conditions is important to several public agencies in Virginia. Potential problems including flooding, heavy snowfall, and damaging winds necessitate planning and pre-event deployment by many units of Virginia agencies. The acquisition and dissemination of weather reports and forecasts can be costly. Notwithstanding the associated costs, concern for public safety compels government to obtain the information it needs. This project inventoried the weather collection and acquisition practices of selected Virginia executive branch agencies that demonstrated a need for weather-related information. This included gathering information relevant to the sources, uses, and costs of their weather-related information and exploring the feasibility of sharing data and costs.


Virginia Transportation Research Council, VTRC 98-R16. For a copy of this resource, please direct your request to

Date: 1998


Eaton, Lin, Lynn



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