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TxDOT Policy Statement 2-98

Subject: ITS Information Sharing

  X   New           Supercedes                           Effective: October 5, 1998


Current Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology makes it possible for TxDOT to capture transportation related information through the department's transportation management centers.


TxDOT will share this transportation information with both the public and private sectors in order to increase the mobility, safety, and efficiency of the transportation system.


Districts shall make all transportation related information available, including video images from closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, current transportation data existing in on-line data bases, and archived historical data.


In the implementation of this information sharing policy, the following principles shall be emphasized and employed:

Compliance Requirements

District Engineers will be responsible for compliance, and the Traffic Operations Division (TRF) will monitor for compliance.

TxDOT information sharing standards are in the early stages of development. However, this policy shall be followed unless an exception has been approved by TRF.


This policy will be incorporated into the Traffic Management Volume of the Traffic Operations Manual.


Transportation Code, §201.101

Why Policy Is Needed

This policy is needed to ensure that districts have guidance for the release of transportation information, there is uniformity in the manner in which information sharing is conducted at TxDOT transportation management centers, traveler information is made available to the public, and information is presented in a standard format.

Approved:             Date: 10/5/98

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