Criteria Ranking & Weighting for Traffic Websites

Scoring and weights

Criteria are yes/no questions or groupings of these questions. For each yes rating, the site will receive a certain number of points, dependent on the importance of the criteria rated:

Critical = 4

High = 3

Medium = 2

Low = 1


The total number of points received will determine the ranking of the site. The higher the score, the better the site. The criteria for traffic sites are sorted below by their relative importance. The question number is included in parentheses. Within each tier, the criteria are grouped by whether they are a measure of content or presentation.

It is assumed that the user's task is to determine the best time, route and mode of travel for a particular trip.


Critical-can't do the task without it



Presentation (necessary for Section 508 compliance)


High-impacts primary task





Medium-impact secondary tasks/consistency issues





Low-"It would be nice."