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Appendix A: Traffic Analysis Tools by Category

A.1 Sketch-Planning Tools

Examples of sketch-planning tools:

A.2 Travel Demand Models

Available travel demand modeling tools:

A.3 Analytical/Deterministic Tools (HCM Methodologies)

There is a wide array of analytical/deterministic tools currently available, including:

A.4 Traffic Optimization Tools

Examples of traffic optimization tools:

A.5 Macroscopic Simulation Models

Examples of macroscopic simulation traffic analysis tools:

A.6 Mesoscopic Simulation Models

Examples of mesoscopic simulation tools:

A.7 Microscopic Simulation Models

Examples of microscopic traffic simulation models:

A.8 Integrated Traffic Analysis Tools

There are some programs or utilities available that integrate two or more programs to provide a common data input format (all allow a user to run several programs). Some examples of integrated traffic simulation models include:

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