Traffic Incident Management
Various traffic incident management scenes - heavy traffic after accident, traffic planning, police car blocking road, overturned car on bridge, detour, rescue workers.
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Peer-to-Peer Program Proposal Template

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Traffic Incident Management and Planned Special Events P2P Program Proposal Template

Please identify (check) the type of P2P event:

Empty Check Box Traffic Incident Management

Empty Check Box Planned Special Events

Empty Check Box Evacuations/Emergencies

Empty Check Box Law Enforcement


FHWA Nominator:

Activity: Title/Name of Event/Activity

Activity Description: The purpose of this…

Activity Date:

Project Geographical Location:

State Champion(s) —

Partner(s) —

Note: in the case where the participant is serving as an invited conference speaker, compelling justification as to their presenting on a unique topic, lesson learned or best practice that helps advance TIM and PSE operations nationally will be required for program support:

Which areas of the TIM Self-Assessment will this address? How will this improve the TIM or PSE programs?
The assessment consists of the following three main program areas:

  • Strategic – questions on with formal policies and understandings among agencies and TIM partners including performance measure and program evaluation;
  • Tactical – questions covering on-scene response and clearance practices, traffic control and responder and motorist safety;
  • Support – questions on interagency communications, data sharing, ITS for TIM and traveler information.
If a Course or Workshop, Probability of Implementation:

Transferability to Others:

Advances the State to the next level in Operations by addressing the following key national initiatives:

Cost Breakdown for Activity:
i.e. Airfare: Lodging: Car Rental: Parking: Incidentals:
Grand total =

Estimated Total Cost for Initiative: Amount of TIM/PSE
P2P Funds
Source of Other Funds or Sponsors:

(Please complete and submit to: