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2010 Traffic Incident Management Self-Assessment (TIM SA) National Analysis Report

List of Abbreviations

ATRI American Transportation Research Institute
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
ICS Incident Command System
ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems
MOU Memoranda of Understanding
MUTCD Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
NCHRP National Cooperative Highway Research Program
NIMS National Incident Management System
NTIMC National Traffic Incident Management Coalition
NUG National Unified Goal
SHRP Strategic Highway Research Program
SQC Safe Quick Clearance
TIM PM FSI Traffic Incident Management Performance Measures Focus States Initiative
TIM SA Traffic Incident Management Self-Assessment
TMC-CAD Traffic Management Center Computer-Aided Dispatch
TMC Traffic Management Center
TMS Transportation Management System
TOC Traffic Operations Center
Office of Operations