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Surface Transportation System
Funding Alternatives Program

STSFA Pilot Project States

Click a participating State (shown in either in blue, green or with a symbol) for more information. Map icons are rollover visuals containing additional information on pilot projects and the green triangular symbol provides a linked PDF containing additional information on pilot project funding and objectives.

View the map data on the Recipients and Partners page.

STSFA Factsheet


Map Legend
Map Legend: (light blue) Road User Charge (RUC) West Consortium Member State, (light green) Eastern Transportation (formerly I-95 Coalition) Member State, (green triangle) Individual State Pilot Project, (orange circle) Road User Charge (RUC) West Consortium Pilot Participating State, (red diamond)Eastern Transportation (formerly I-95 Coalition) Participating State, (dark blue star) Lead State for Road User Charge (RUC) West Consortium, and (purple star) Lead State for Eastern Transportation (formerly I-95 Coalition)

STSFA Program Contact

Angela Fogle FHWA-HOTM-1
(202) 366-0076