List of Tables

Table 1-1 OSI Protocol Stack
Table 2-1. Twisted-Pair Communication Cable Category Ratings
Table 2-2. Fiber Optic Cable Classifications
Table 2-3. Fiber Cable Color Identification Chart
Table 2-4. Fiber Optic Cable Buffer Types
Table 2-5. Comparison Single Mode Fiber & Multimode Fiber
Table 2-6. Frequencies for Unlicensed Radio Systems
Table 2-7. CEA Estimates of the Number of Low Power Radio Devices
Table 2-8. Comparison of TDM & PDM
Table 3-1. DSRC Vehicle-Roadside Relationships
Table 3-2. Communication Needs & Requirements
Table 3-3. NTCIP Device Management Protocol List
Table 3-4. NTCIP List of Systems Management Protocols
Table 5-1. Location of Field Controllers
Table 5-2. Location & Data Requirements Table
Table 5-3. DB-25 Connector Cable
Table 5-4. Voice, Video & Text Transmission Requirements
Table 5-5. Field Device Location
Table 6-1. Example Communication Device Inventory List
Table 6-2. Technician Experience Classification
Table 7-1. Deployment Cost Estimates
Table 8-1. Example of Manufacturer Recommended Span Lengths for Aerial Cable Segments
Table 9-1. Internet Communication Elements
Table 10-1. Comparison Traditional CCTV vs. VIP Systems Requirements
Table 11-1. IEEE 802 Standards List
Table 11-2. Fiber Loss Budget Calculation