a collage of eight photos showing a stakeholder meeting, people boarding a bus, a changeable message sign displaying the message race traffic, cars traversing a roadway where barricades delineate travel lanes, a closed-circuit television camera, a crowd of people standing near a train and traversing a pedestrian overpass, two implementation plans, and three traffic management team personnel gathered around a laptop computer

Managing Travel for Planned Special Events

Appendix B. Event-Oriented Risk Scenario Contingency Plans

New Jersey DOT Contingency Alternate Route Plan for the 2000 Republican National Convention

Diversion Routing Plan for Route 30 and I-676, Republican National Convention, 7/30/00

Due to the Republican National Convention and the high probability of road closures on 7/30/00, NJDOT will be placing approximately 15 variable message signs in the Camden County area. The signs will be used to direct delegates, buses and other interested parties to the Camden Water front. In the event of a closure these signs will be changed to direct traffic to pre-planned diversions. Outlined below are the three scenarios NJDOT is prepared to support.

Scenario No. 1 – All roads and bridges open:

VMS located throughout Camden County will direct the traveling public to exit 5A on I-676 northbound or the Mickle Boulevard exit of Route 30 west bound for all RNC sponsored events.

Scenario No. 2 – Ben Franklin Bridge Closure: Task Force 1

NJDOT safety crew (425) along with NJSP trooper support, will close I-676 NB and force all traffic off at the Atlantic Avenue (Exit No. 4). Once on the ramp all traffic will be directed to the left (west) and will either go straight for the RNC events or make a left and back onto I-676SB. VMS on I-676 and Atlantic Avenue will be utilized to assist in directing motorists. Additional VMS located on the Atlantic City Expressway, Route 42, and I-295 will also be advising motorists of the bridge closure. Detour signs will be placed along Atlantic Avenue at the intersection of Broadway and 2nd Street. NJDOT's traffic operation center (TOC) will be in close communication with the traffic services advising them of the closure.

The second crew (415) will close Route 30 west bound at the Mickle Boulevard Exit and force all traffic onto Flanders Avenue. At the gore area below the ramp all traffic will be directed either left for the RNC events, or right onto 10th Street to Federal Street and back onto Route 30 eastbound. VMS and detour signs will be utilized to assist in directing traffic. Additional VMS located on Routes 38, 70, and 130, and a Highway Advisory Radio will also be advising motorists of the bridge closure.

Manual control cords will be installed on the traffic signals located on Atlantic Avenue at the base of I-676. NJSP will have dismounted posts at these signals.

Other Agency Support:

  • NJSP Troopers will cover two traffic signals on Atlantic Avenue, at the base of I-676.
  • Atlantic City Expressway needs to place 2 VMS towards the western end of the Expressway.

Alpine Valley Music Theatre (WI) Travel Demand Management Strategy for the Grateful Dead – Terrapin Station Music Festival

Alpine Valley Music Theatre logo

Your Questions Answered! Terrapin Station Q&A

(East Troy – July 26, 2002) Greetings from Alpine Valley! We are only a week away from one of the most anticipated concerts in our legendary history, Terrapin Station August 3 and 4. As preparation for this incredible event continues, we at Alpine would like to answer some very important questions from the fans. A great deal of this information is being released for the first time today, so please read carefully.

I don't have a ticket. How can I be part of this event?

Well, the first thing to do if you don't have a ticket is enjoy the show from somewhere other than Alpine Valley. As we know, the Grateful Dead folks have been very firm in reminding everyone not to come to the show without a ticket. You've seen letters from the band, you've heard announcements on the radio, and, if you were at one of numerous concerts around the country in the last two weeks, you were personally handed a flyer reiterating that message.

Given that very clear message from the band not to come to Alpine without a ticket, we have worked hard to find to ways for those without tickets to enjoy the show either by themselves or with friends and family.

How strict are the ticket checkpoints going to be at the show?

Every person will be required to have a ticket for that evening's show. Make sure everyone has his or her tickets before you leave for the theatre! The checkpoints will begin as you exit the interstate or approach the facility on the county road system. The right front seat passenger should have all the tickets and be ready to show them at various checkpoints on the way to the parking lot. Upon reaching the parking lot, the car will be stopped and the tickets will be validated. At this point any vehicle that does not have a ticket for each person in the car will be refused entry. Cars that comply will be issued a parking pass and allowed to enter the lots.

This process will be as mellow as we (and you!) can possibly make it. Nobody will be hassled and everybody will be treated courteously and respectfully. However, a large staff of Alpine Valley employees backed up by the county police will be checking each and every ticket very carefully.

What happens if someone in my vehicle decides to get out and walk into the facility?

No pedestrians will be allowed admittance. Spotters will be on the road to identify vehicles that have allowed individuals to get out and become pedestrians. When such a vehicle reaches the final checkpoint, it will be turned away and possibly ticketed.

Won't all of these measures slow traffic to a crawl?

We understand that traffic may be moving a bit slower that a typical show, but given the enormous staff that will be used for ticket verification, our expectation is that the delays will be minimal.

My friends and I will be arriving by bus. Who should hold our tickets and what do we do?

All buses and limousines will be directed to enter the facility via a special route identified by the police. Once the bus or limo has entered, a staff member will come to the vehicle and validate each ticket. If you are on a bus or in a limo, please hold onto your individual tickets. Anyone not having a valid ticket for that performance will be required to stay in the vehicle. If the vehicle has numerous people in it without tickets, the entire bus including fans with tickets may be refused entry to the property. Please make sure that everyone has there ticket prior to getting on the bus and the process should be a very simple once you arrived at Alpine.

The band recently said that additional shows would be added prior to the Alpine Show playing. Are these shows happening?

The band has announced, on a conditional basis, a tour for this fall. Details on these shows are available at www.dead.net. They have also stated very clearly that these dates will only play if all goes well at Alpine Valley. Basically, if Terrapin Station at Alpine Valley goes well, then The Other Ones will be able to take their magic around the country once again, bringing music and happiness to thousands of people. If it doesn't, they won't. Simple as that.