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Chapter 4. Support Section

The number of questions in the Support section was reduced from five to three, and its section weighting was reduced from 20 to 10 percent. With an average score of 67 percent, scores in the Support section increased 5.9 percent over the 2015 baseline. Questions in the Support section focused on traffic incident management (TIM) video, signal timing changes to support traffic management, and pre-planned or alternate routes for moving traffic away from an incident.

With an average score of 2.9, question 39 was the highest-scoring question in the Support section: “Is TIM video captured via Traffic Management Centers (TMC) and/or public safety Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, and is it shared with other disciplines for real-time operational purposes?” Out of all respondents, 76.8 percent scored question 39 with a 3 or higher. Immediately following question 39, a non-scored supplemental question (question 39a) asked respondents to describe their level of public safety CAD integration with traffic management center/traffic operations center software and systems. All but one location provided a score for this question; the average 2020 score was 2.5, unchanged from 2019.

With an average score of 2.4, question 40 was the lowest-scoring question in the section, which asked about signal timing changes to support traffic management during incident response. Less than 50 percent of respondents scored this question with a 3 or higher. Table 10 lists the TIM programs that achieved the highest scores in the Support section.

Table 10. Highest-scoring programs in the Support section.
Traffic Incident Management Program
Alachua – Bradford, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Jacksonville, Florida
Lee – Charlotte, Florida
Louisville, Kentucky
Norfolk – Virginia Beach, Virginia
Northern Virginia, Virginia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Polk County, Florida
San Bernardino, California
San Francisco – San Jose, California
Sarasota, Florida

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