Office of Operations
21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies

List of Acronyms

ACC adaptive cruise control
AMS analysis, modeling, and simulation
API application programming interface
ASOS Automated Surface Observing Systems
ATDM active traffic demand management
AV automated vehicle
AVL automated vehicle location
AZ Arizona
BSM basic safety message
CA California
CACC cooperative adaptive cruise control
CFM continuous flow metering
CO Colorado
COM component object model
ConOps concept of operations
CV connected vehicle
CVM Connected Vehicle Monitor
CVP connected vehicle pilot
CV-VSL connected vehicle-based variable speed limit
Cyn Canyon
DIA de-icing application
DLL dynamic linked library
DMA dynamic mobility application
DN distress notification
DOT department of transportation
DPS department of public safety
DPW department of public works
DSRC dedicated short-range communication
DUAP data use analysis and processing
EDC Every Day Counts
EJMT Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel
ELC early lane-change
EMDSS enhanced maintenance decision support system
ESS environmental sensor station
ESV Enhanced Safety of Vehicles
FCW forward collision warning
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
ft/s foot per second
GPS global positioning system
HGV heavy-goods vehicle
HMI human-machine interface
I–10 Interstate 10
I–290 Interstate 290
I–290 E Interstate 290 East
I–290 W Interstate 290 West
I2V infrastructure-to-vehicle
I–30 Interstate 30
I–35 Interstate 35
I–70 Interstate 70
I–76 Interstate 76
I–80 Interstate 80
I–90 Interstate 90
I–90 N Interstate 90 North
I–90 S Interstate 90 South
I–94 Interstate 94
IA Iowa
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
IMO Integrating Mobile Observations
IMRCP Integrated Modeling for Road Condition Prediction
INFLO Intelligent Network Flow Optimization
IROS Intelligent Robots and Systems
iTTC inverse time-to-collision
km/h kilometer per hour
KS Kansas
M–14 Michigan Highway 14
MI Michigan
m meter
m/s meter per second
MADIS Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System
MAW motorist advisories and warnings
MDSS maintenance decision support system
mm mile marker
mph mile per hour
MPR market penetration rate
MT-ITS models and technologies for intelligent transportation systems
MV maintenance vehicle
NCDC National Climatic Data Center
NDEX Nevada Data Exchange
NFD network-wide fundamental diagram
NGSIM Next Generation Simulation
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Nov November
NREL National Renewable Energy Lab
ns–3 Node Mobility Model
NY New York
OBU onboard unit
OD origin-destination
PC personal computer
PF public facility
rad/s radian per second
RSU roadside unit
RWCV road weather connected vehicle
RWIS road weather information system
RWMP road weather management program
s second
SHRP2 Strategic Highway Research Program 2
SPaT signal phasing and timing
SPR snowplow routing
STIP State Transportation Improvement Plan
STOL Saxton Transportation Operations Lab
SUMO simulation of urban mobility
SWIW spot weather impact warning
TC transportation cabinet
TFHRC Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
TIM traveler information message
TMC traffic management center or traffic management system
TrEPS Traffic Estimation and Prediction Tool
TSMO transportation systems management and operations
TSR traffic-smoothing rate
TTC time-to-collision
UCLA University of California, Los Angeles
US–23 U.S. Route 23
US–395 U.S. Route 395
USDOT U.S. Department of Transportation
UT Utah
V2I vehicle-to-infrastructure
V2V vehicle-to-vehicle
V2X vehicle-to-everything
VDT Vehicle Data Translator
veh/min vehicle per minute
VMS variable message sign
VSL variable speed limit
W West
WRMS weather-responsive management strategy
WRTM weather-responsive traffic management
WxDE Weather Data Environment
Wx–TINFO Weather-Responsive Traveler Information System
WY Wyoming
WYDOT Wyoming Department of Transportation