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Evaluation Methods and Techniques: Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Program

Long Description for Figure 1. Graphic. Project Lifecycle.

The image depicts a flow chart that is in the form of a table.

No Value Pre-implementation ➜ Implementation ➜ Post-implementation
Project Activities
  • Design project
  • Pilot test technology
  • Fully implement technology
  • Maintain operations
Evaluation Activities
  • Establish evaluation team
  • Develop evaluation design
  • Identify data collection methods and procedures
  • Identify data management procedures
  • Pilot test data collection methods
  • Establish baseline for field tests
  • Analyze and synthesize data
  • Develop conclusions and recommendations
ATCMTD Outputs
  • Evaluation plan (recommended)
  • Data management plan (recommended)
  • Baseline measures
  • Annual report (interim measures and progress)
  • Annual report
  • Evaluation report (if required)
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