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Transportation Management Centers: Streaming Video Sharing and Distribution - Final Report

List of Acronyms

ATMS advanced traffic management systems
API application programming interface
APN access point name
CCTV closed circuit television
CDN content delivery network
CHART Coordinated Highway Action Response Team
CIF common intermediate format
CLSP Claris live streaming protocol
ConOps concept of operations
COTS commercial off the shelf
DASH dynamic adaptive streaming of http
DDOT District Department of Transportation (Washington D.C.)
DMZ demilitarized zone
DOT department of transportation
EMA emergency management agency
EOL end of life
fps frames per second
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
HazMat hazardous materials
HD high definition
HEVC high efficiency video coding
HLS http live streaming
HTTP hypertext transfer protocol
IP internet protocol
ISP Internet Service Provider
IT information technology
Kbit/s kilobits per second
Kbps kilobits per second
GB gigabyte
Gbit/s gigabits per second
Gbps gigabits per second
MATOC Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination
Mb megabits
MB megabytes
Mbps megabits per second
MDOT Maryland Department of Transportation
MITM man-in-the-middle
MOU memoranda of understanding
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group
MPO metropolitan planning organization
NCDOT North Carolina Department of Transportation
NTSC National Television Systems Committee
PTZ pan-tilt-zoom
QCIF quarter common intermediate format
QXGA quantum extended graphics array
QSXGA quad super extended graphics array
REST representational state transfer
RFP request for proposal
RTMP Realtime Messaging Protocol
RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol
RWIS road weather information systems
SaaS Software as a Service
SOP standard operating procedures
SXGA super extended graphics array
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TMC transportation management center
TOC transportation operations center
TxDOT Texas Department of Transportation
UPD unigram data protocol
USDOT United States Department of Transportation
UXGA ultra extended graphics array
VDOT Virginia Department of Transportation
VGA video graphics array
VPN virtual private networks
WebRTC web realtime communication
WVGA wide video graphics array
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