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Model Systems Engineering Documents for Central Traffic Signal Systems

Appendix H. Acknowledgements

The following people from State, regional and local transportation agencies generously gave their time to review drafts of this document and provided valuable comments that enhanced the content of the document.

  • Glenn Hansen – City of Omaha, NE
  • Mike Whiteaker – City of Bellevue, WA
  • James Sturdevant – Indiana DOT
  • Val Rader – Alaska DOT
  • Leo Almanzer – Meadowlands Commission, NJ
  • Eric Graves – City of Alpharetta, GA
  • Ray Web – Mid-America Regional Council, (MARC)
  • Kevin Lacy – North Carolina DOT
  • Mark Taylor – Utah DOT
  • Dongho Chang – City of Seattle, WA
  • Matt Meyers – Missouri DOT
  • Karen Aspelin – Consultant representing Bernalillo County, NM
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