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Considerations of Current and Emerging Transportation Management Center Data

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

AAR after-action review
AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ABS anti-lock braking system
API application programming interface
ATMS advanced traffic management systems
ATSPM automated traffic signal performance measure
AVL automated vehicle location
BSM basic safety message
CAD computer-aided dispatch
CANBus controller area network bus
CATT Center for Advanced Transportation Technology
CCP Connected Citizens Program
CCTV closed-circuit television
CHART Coordinated Highways Action Response Team  
CHP California Highway Patrol
CV connected vehicle
DMS dynamic message sign
DMV department of motor vehicles
DOT department of transportation
DSRC dedicated short-range communications
DSS decision support system
EMDSS enhanced maintenance and decision support system
FDOT Florida Department of Transportation
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
GIS geographical information system
GPS Global Positioning System
GTFS general transit feed specification
HAR highway advisory radio
ICC I-95 Corridor Coalition
ICM integrated corridor management
IGA intergovernmental agreement
INFLO intelligent network flow optimization
IT information technology
ITS intelligent transportation systems
JSON Javascript object notation
LIDAR light detection and ranging MAC address media access control address
MAC media access control (address)
MAP-21 PM3 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century third performance measure rule
MATOC Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination 
MAW motorist advisory and warning
MPO metropolitan planning organization
MSA metropolitan statistical area
NPMRDS National Performance Management Research Data Sharing 
O-D origin-destination
OEM original equipment manufacturer
OSM OpenStreetMap
O&M operations and maintenance
PANYNJ Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
PFS pooled fund study
RFID radio frequency identification
RFP request for proposal
RGB Red, Green, Blue
RITIS Regional Integrated Transportation Information System
RSU roadside unit
RTC realtime closure
RTIMIS Realtime Traffic Incident Management Information System
RWIS road weather information system
SaaS software as a service
Skyline Skyline Technology Solutions
SPaT signal phase and timing
TMC transportation management center
TNC transportation network company
TOC traffic operations center
Total Traffic Total Traffic & Weather Network
TSMO transportation systems management and operations
UCAR University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UDOT Utah Department of Transportation
UPS United Parcel Service
USDOT United States Department of Transportation
VDOT Virginia Department of Transportation
VMT vehicle miles traveled
VSP Virginia State Police
XD extreme definition
XML extensible markup language
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