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U.S. Department of Transportation Roadway Transportation Data Business Plan (Phase 3): Data Business Plan Development for State and Local Departments of Transportation

Long Description for Figure 10. Process chart. Performance indicators for group activities (outputs).

The image is of a flow chart for the relationship between group activities and outcomes.

Coordination Group Activities (Outputs) Performance Indicators for Coordination Group Activities (Outputs)
Share RFPs for current & upcoming initiatives Number of RFP's shared with the Coordination Group
Review and provide input on possible FHWA procurement actions Number of procurement actions discussed during Coordination Group meetings
Share current initiatives, activities & best practices on strategies, standards, metadata, etc. Ongoing assessment of level of compliance with data standards that are a product of the Coordination Group
Participate in in-depth vetting of data standards/policies. Ongoing assessment of the need for data standards/policies.
Identify and address data gaps & redundancies Ongoing assessment of data gaps & redundancies in travel time mobility data programs
Identify needs & opportunities to coordinate resources, reduce data redundancies, & implement cost sharing strategies Ongoing assessment of collaboration for data coordination
Identify needs & opportunities to create links between existing data sets and connected vehicle data sets in the future Ongoing assessment of data interoperability & integration between existing data sets and connected vehicle data sets
Identify needs & opportunities to enhance access to travel mobility data programs Ongoing assessment of FHWA's ability to store and access roadway travel mobility data
Identify potential data coordination projects or research needs Data coordination projects & research needs identified on an ongoing basis
Identify potential funding to conduct agreed upon data coordination projects & activities Funding sources for data coordination projects & activities identified on an ongoing basis
Understand & promote the value of data as a U.S. DOT-wide asset Ongoing assessment of the value of data as a U.S. DOT-wide asset conducted among Group members & senior management
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