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Smartphone Applications To Influence Travel Choices: Practices and Policies


FHWA would like to thank the 13 specialists and practitioners that provided invaluable expertise to this study reviewing this primer and participating in a one-day workshop in July 2015 conducted at the U.S. Department of Transportation Headquarter, Washington D.C. Special thanks goes to:

  • Tim McHugh (TriMet)
  • James Dreisbach-Towle (SANDAG)
  • Rachel Klein (Battelle)
  • Yi-Chang Chiu (Metropia)
  • Greg Valyer (Bytemark)
  • Jonny Simkin (Swiftly)
  • Adam Johnson (Car2go)
  • Timothy Papandreou (SFMTA)
  • Mike Mikos (Car2go)
  • Mark McTamney (Parking Panda)
  • Matthew Lesh (Noblis)
  • Bill Dossett (North American Bikesharing Assoc.)
  • Sean Mackin (Denver Public-Works Transport)
Office of Operations