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Climate Change Adaptation Guide for Transportation Systems Management, Operations, and Maintenance


This document was developed with input from practitioners from State departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, and other organizations. The Federal Highway Administration would specifically like to thank the following individuals who helped shape this document during the research that led to its development:

Kathy Ahlenius, Wyoming Department of Transportation

Ted Bailey, Washington State Department of Transportation

Mike Coffey, Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

Steve Cook, Michigan Department of Transportation

Matthew Edelman, Transportation Operations Coordinating Committee (TRANSCOM)

Jakin Koll, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Chris Laborde, New Orleans Regional Planning Commission

Richard Nelson, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

John Nisbet, Washington State Department of Transportation

Steven Olmsted, Arizona Department of Transportation

Eileen Singleton, Baltimore Metropolitan Council

Michael Zezeski, Maryland State Highway Administration

Office of Operations