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Long Description - Resiliency Framework

Step 1: Define Scope

  • Articulate program goals
  • Identify key climate variables
  • Develop information on decisions sensitive to climate change

Step 2: Access Vulnerability

  • Document existing capabilities (both technical and institutional)
  • Collect and integrate data on past performance
  • Develop climate inputs
  • Characterize impacts and risks

Step 3: Integrate into Decision Making

  • Identify performance measures (tolerance for disruption)
  • Identify potential adaptation measures
    • Technical and political feasibility
    • Costs and benefits
    • Efficacy
    • Flexibility
    • Environmental and societal impacts
  • Determine improvements in capabilities necessary for successful implementation
    • Business processes
    • Systems and technology
    • Performance management
    • Culture
    • Organization and workforce
    • Collaboration

Step 4: Monitor and Revisit, Develop New Objectives

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