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Real-Time System Management Information Program Data Exchange Format Specification — Implementation Guidance

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Real-Time System Management Information Program (RTSMIP)

Data Exchange Format Specification (DXFS)

Users of the DXFS

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Data Exchange Format Specification (DXFS)

1.2.1 Objectives of the DXFS

1.2.2 Scope of the DXFS

1.3 Scope of the DXFS Implementation Guide

1.4 Users of the DXFS Implementation Guide

1.5 Document Organization and Use

2. User Needs Identification

2.1 Background

2.1.1 User Needs Organization

2.2 User Needs Selection Guidance

2.3 User Needs Selection Example

3. Requirements Identification

3.1 Background

3.1.1 Needs to Requirements Traceability Matrix (NRTM)

3.1.2 Using the NRTM to Specify a DXFS System Interface

3.2 Requirements Selection Guidance

3.3 Requirements Selection Example

4. System Design Reference

4.1 Background

4.1.1 Standards Referenced by the DXFS

4.1.2 Requirements Traceability Matrix

4.1.3 Instructions for Completing the RTM

4.2 System Design Reference Guidance

4.3 System Design Reference Example

5. Implementation Issues

5.1 A Communications Framework for DXFS

5.2 Achieving Interoperability

5.3 Communications Dialogs Related Technologies

5.3.1 The Application Level: Defining Message Patterns, Message Encoding, and Message Transport

5.4 Integrating Legacy Systems

5.4.1 Interfacing Systems that Do Not Support TCP/IP

5.4.2 Handling Unavailable or Missing Data

6. Testing

6.1 Introduction

6.1.1 DXFS Conformance

6.1.2 Compliance with a DXFS Project Specification

6.1.3 Test Phases

6.2 Test Documentation

6.2.1 Standards that Support Test Documentation

6.2.2 Example Test Documentation Framework for a DXFS Implementation

6.3 Test Plan

6.4 Test Design Specifications

6.5 Test Case Specifications

6.5.1 Example Requirements to Test Case Traceability Matrix (RTCTM)

6.5.2 Example Test Case Specification

6.6 Test Procedure Specifications

6.6.1 Example Test Procedure Specification

6.7 Test Reports

6.8 Summary

Appendix A. List of Acronyms

Appendix B. Acknowledgments

List of Tables

Table 1. Conformance Symbols.

Table 2. Predicate Notation.

Table 3. Project Relevant User Needs.

Table 4. Dialogs for Link Based Information.

Table 5. Request Message.

Table 6. Request Message.

Table 7. Error Report Message.

Table 8. Response Message.

Table 9. NRTM Prior to Tailoring.

Table 10. NRTM with Tailoring of Project-Relevant Requirements.

Table 11. Information Level Standards Referenced by the RTSMIP DXFS – “DXFS Information Level Standards.”

Table 12. Line of the RTM that Corresponds to One Requirement.

Table 13. Rows for Mandatory Requirements.

Table 14. Rows Containing a Reference to the Mandatory Requirement.

Table 15. RTM for TMDD Design Reference before Tailoring.

Table 16. Example Portion of a Test Design Specification.

Table 17. Example Requirements to Test Case Traceability Matrix.

Table 18. Example Test Case Specification.

Table 19. Example Test Case Input Specification.

Table 20. Example Test Case Output Specification.

Table 21. Example Test Procedure Specification.

List of Figures

Figure 1. Diagram. Suggested Process for using the DXFS.

Figure 2. Diagram. RTSMIP Context Diagram.

Figure 3. Diagram. A Communications Framework for the RTSMIP DXFS.

Figure 4. Diagram. IEEE 829-1998-based Test Documentation Framework for the RTSMIP DXFS.

Figure 5. Message. Example trafficNetworkInformationRequestMsg Request Message Test Case Data File.

Figure 6. Message. Example linkStatusInformationMsg Response Message Test Case Data File

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