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Making the Connection: Advancing Traffic Incident Management in Transportation Planning

A Primer

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1 Introduction
Bridging the Divide between Traffic Incident Management (TIM) and Transportation Planning
Purpose and Audience for Primer
2. Benefits for TIM Professionals and Plannerss
Benefits for TIM Professionals
Expanded Access to Resources
Forum for TIM Coordination
Input on Transportation Projects
Access to Multi-Agency Training
Elevated Visibility Among Transportation Decisionmakers
Benefits for Regional Planners
Address Major Source of Congestion
Lower Cost Mobility and Safety Solutions
Expertise and Recommendations on Operations Priorities, TIM Strategies and Projects
Data to Justify Investments
Meet Planning Regulations
3. Opportunities to Advance TIM inTransportation Planning and Investments
Getting Together: Connecting TIM Professionals and Transportation Planners
Connecting with TIM Professionals as a Metropolitan Planner
Connecting with Metropolitan Transportation Planners as a TIM Professional
Opportunities to Engage the TIM Community
Involving the TIM Community in Planning
What Can Be Accomplished?
Integrating TIM into Transportation Planning
Integrating TIM in the Development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan
Regional TIM Priorities and Performance Measures
Examples of How TIM has been Integrated into the Transportation Plan
Regional Investment in TIM
4. Information Resources for Planners on TIM
Appendix A. Regional TIM Planning Sheets
Appendix B. Case Study: A Metropolitan Transportatoin Plan and an Operations Plan Incorporating TIM

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