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Guidebook for State, Regional, and Local Governments on Addressing Potential Equity Impacts of Road Pricing

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Guidebook for State, Regional, and Local Governments on Addressing Potential Equity Impacts of Road Pricing

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April 2013

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Marwan Madi (BAH), John Wiegmann (BAH), Dr. Emily Parkany (BAH), Myron Swisher (SAIC), Jennifer Symoun (SAIC)

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Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
11251 Roger Bacon Drive, 3rd Floor
Reston, VA 20190

Booz, Allen and Hamilton
8283 Greensboro Drive
McLean, VA 22102

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United States Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

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COTM: Ms. Angela Jacobs, Federal Highway Administration

16. Abstract

This guidebook is designed to assist transportation agencies to better assess and mitigate perceived and potential equity impacts of road pricing projects on local communities, commuters, and system users. Addressing potential equity issues is often vital to obtaining support needed to implement road pricing projects.  In order for road pricing projects to succeed, the implementing state, regional, and local agencies must understand equity issues, develop mitigating measures, and articulate the issues and mitigation strategies to both the decision makers and the public. This guidebook will help agencies understand and communicate both the horizontal and vertical equities of their road pricing policies and projects.

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Road pricing, congestion pricing, transportation equity, priced managed lanes


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Form DOT F 1700.7 (8-72)
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