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Contemporary Approaches to Parking Pricing: A Primer

Cover of Contemporary Approaches to Parking Pricing: A Primer
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May 2012



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1.0 Introduction

2.0 Pricing Overview

2.1 Free and Fixed Rate Parking

2.2 Performance-based Pricing

2.3 Parking Turnover Versus Parking Availability

3.0 Technology and Pricing

3.1 Available Technology

3.2 Selecting a Technology

3.3 Doing More with Less

3.4 Going Forward

4.0 Employer and Developer Focused Parking Pricing Strategies

4.1 Parking Cash Out and Transportation Allowances

4.2 Unbundled Parking

4.3 Parking Taxes and Fees

4.4 Implementation

5.0 Preferred User Accommodations

5.1 Residential Parking Permits

5.2 Commercial Loading

5.3 Disabled Parking

5.4 Government Employee Parking

5.5 Car Sharing

6.0 Public Acceptance

6.1 Developing a Strategy

6.2 Creating a Message

6.3 Marketing

6.4 Tracking

7.0 Case Studies

Aspen, Colorado

Washington, District of Columbia

Seattle, Washington

8.0 Conclusion

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